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This is a medium model in ULTRA LIGHT  series:
• Finest presentation:  Doesn’t scare the fish. Targets bigger trophies
• Double the Action: The small blade attracts the fish and the streamer fly makes the lure irresistible.
• When to use: Performs best on sunny days, when a shiny silver blade can be exceptionally attractive as it reflects the sun’s rays underwater
• How to fish: Spinner is very light and are perfect for trolling. When trolling use a weight 3-4 feet above the spinners. For casting best works with weight fixed 2-3 feet above the spinner or a sinking bombarda float (10 to 15 gr) can be used instead. Retrieval should be slow with occasional quick turns and stops
• Specifications:
– Weight: 1/32 oz.
– Fly Size: 6
– Blade: Colorado Silver Size 2


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