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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Floats

EDEM Fishing offers a wide variety of fishing floats in different sizes and shapes to accommodate any fishing technique. Each float is individually designed to achieve great performance in all water and weather conditions. Choosing the correct float style is determined by factors such as current, water depth, fish species, wind strength, waves, bait, and casting distance. Testing different floats and techniques is the key to success!

Our Floats by Fish

EDEM Fishing floats are extremely durable and have excellent visibility. Floats are made from balsa wood or high density foam. They are designed and tested to achieve best results. Floats on the web site are grouped depending on the fish or different float specifications. This will make easier to find what float you are looking for. To check all specifications and weights from selected float click on the model number under the float.

Salmon Floats

Slip through float. Foam body. Perfect control of the line.

Trout floats

Fixed float. Balsa wood body, replaceable antenna, fiberglass stem.

Pike/Muskie floats

Slip through float. Foam body. Perfect control of the line.

Carp floats

Sliding float. Balsa wood body. Ideal for lake fishing of carp and other species.

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